If you are interested in joining, here is how you can do it:

  • Stop at the fire hall at pole 121, we are usually there on Monday nights around 7:00. Also, anytime you see anyone at the fire hall, feel free to stop and ask for an application.
  • Call the fire hall at 570-639-1919 and leave a message stating your name, number and simply that you are interested in joining.
  • If you know or see someone that is a member of HLFD, approach them and ask them to get you an application.

We are always welcoming new members to help with the many different duties within the fire company; both emergent and non-emergent. If you are not interested in firefighting or assisting with other emergencies, there are other important duties such as: fundraising and maintenance.

  • You must be at least fourteen years old to join. We look forward to seeing you.