Welcome to Harveys Lake Fire and Ambulance Company!

It was volunteers that established our fire department back in 1922, and to this day, all of our members work on a volunteer status. Without them, a local fire, rescue and EMS service would not exist for Harveys Lake and surrounding areas. It is simply a lot of time and effort that the members put in on a regular basis. So one may ask, why would I want to become a member? Well, even though you may not literally get paid to participate in the fire department, the satisfaction you receive being part of an organization that helps people when they need it most, is far greater. Once you join, you can see all the different areas within the fire department that exist and determine which of those is most appealing to you.

Message from the Chief:

Thank you for visiting the NEW website for the Harveys Lake Fire & Ambulance Company.  We are always looking to serve the community better, whether it be in response to fires, medical emergencies to public service education.  One of the things that we felt could use improvement, was our communication to the community that we serve.  We have developed this website for that reason.  We will be updating the website frequently with pictures, public service announcements, safety reminders, etc.

I have been serving the community since 1984, when I started out as a Junior Firefighter, and have moved up through the ranks since then.  I have been the Fire Chief for the last few years, and take great pride in serving the community alongside every member of the company.  We are always striving to serve the community to the best of our ability.  To do that, we are maintaining and servicing our equipment, conducting in-service training and sending members for more training on a regular basis.

I would like to remind everyone, that the Harveys Lake Fire & Ambulance Company is a non-profit company and is comprised of all volunteers.  We would not exist if it wasn’t for all the volunteers and your generous donations.  Any and all donations are gladly accepted, and help us in helping the community.

David Davis
Fire Chief